1.garment / ˈgɑːmənt / n formal a piece of clothing
 eg:She pulled the garment on and zipped it up.她把衣服拉上
eg:garment industry/factory 服装行业/服装厂
eg:outer/upper garment 外衣/上装

2.costume 一套衣服;某个特定时期的特定场合穿的衣服
[C] a set of clothes;eg:Hallowe'en costumes万圣节服饰 skiing costume滑雪服
[U and C] clothes that are typical of a particular place or period of time in the past
n.attributive(定语名词)Often used to modify another noun常用来修饰另一个名词:
eg:a costume ball; a costume play.化妆舞会;古装剧

[C] set of clothes worn together (esp for a particular occasion or purpose) 一套衣服(尤指用於某场合的):
eg:a white tennis outfit 一套白色网球装
eg:She bought a new outfit for her daughter's wedding. 她为女儿买了一套婚礼新装.
 eg:She bought a new outfit for the party.一套新装备/服装

4.uniform / ˈjuːnɪfɔːm / n
[C, U] distinctive clothing worn by all members of an organization or group, eg the police, the armed forces, nurses 制服(如警察﹑ 军人﹑ 护士穿的):
eg:children wearing school uniform(s)穿校服的儿童
uniformed adj wearing uniform 穿着制服的:
eg:uniformed staff, eg at a hotel 穿着制服的工作人员(如旅馆服务员)

5.array / əˈreɪ / (fml 文) clothes; clothing 衣服; 服装:
eg:The royal couple appeared in splendid array. 王室伉俪身穿盛装出现.

6.Secretary of State 国务卿

7.devote :to use all or most of your time, effort etc in order to do something致力于;献身于= dedicate
devote your time/energy/attention etc to sth (devote …to doing sth)
 eg:He wanted to devote his energies to writing films. 致力于创作电影
devote yourself to sth
 eg: She devoted herself full-time to her growing business.献身于不断增长的生意中


comment / ˈkɔment / 可做名词和动词
n.[C, U] ~ (on sth) written or spoken remark giving an opinion on, explaining or criticizing (an event, a person, a situation, etc) 意见; 解释; 评论; 批评:
eg: Have you any comment(s) to make on the recent developments?
eg: The scandal caused a lot of comment, ie of talk, gossip, etc. 这件丑闻遭到很多议论.
eg: Asked about the date of the election, the Prime Minister commented that no decision had yet been made. 首相对询问选举日期一事称尚未作出决定.

a spoken description of an event, given while the event is happening, especially on the television or radio实况报道 commentary on sth
 eg:We'll be bringing you full commentary on the game

9.extensive :large in size, area, amount, or degree 广大的;广阔的;广泛的;大量的
eg:an extensive view 广阔的视野
eg:Her knowledge of the subject is extensive. 她这方面的学识很渊博.
eg:Fire has caused extensive damage to the forests 火大面积的损毁了森林

10.cross one’s fingers祈祷
eg: I am crossing my fingers for the people who lost their lives in this air crash.

11.wardrobe/ ˈwɔːdrəub / n a piece of furniture like a large cupboard that you hang clothes in衣柜place where clothes are stored衣柜: a built-in wardrobe
 eg: Can you hang these in the wardrobe, please?
closet /ˈklɔzɪt/ especially AmE 衣柜(美)a cupboard built into the wall of a room from the floor to the ceiling

12.beige / beɪʒ /very light yellowish brown 米黄色(的): a beige carpet 米色地毯.

13.male-dominated field 男性主导的领域 male-dominated society男性主导的社会

14.identify识别 recognize sb/sth

identity/identification识别;身份证明 ---identify---identifiable可识别的
eg: Can you identify your umbrella among this lot? 能在这些伞中认出你自己的那一把吗?
eg: The identification of the accident victims took some time.验明遇难者身份花不少时间. eg: Can I see some identification, please? 请给我看看你的身分证件行吗?

15.Granted诚然 / ˈgræntid/ adv used when you admit that something is true
eg: Granted, everyone is not perfect 诚然,人无完人。

to consist of particular parts, groups etc
 eg: The house comprises two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room.
be comprised of sb/sth
 eg: The committee is comprised of many influential potilician.由有影响力的政治家组成

17.adhere to
to stick firmly to something 紧紧地黏住 The eggs of these fish adhere to plant leaves
to continue to behave according to a particular rule, agreement, or belief. act in accordance with sth; follow sth坚持(原则信念等)
eg: adhere to one's opinions, a promise,坚持自己的意见﹑ 坚守诺言
eg: adhere to one's principles, a treaty, a schedule, the rules
坚持自己的原则﹑ 遵守一条约﹑ 遵照一时间表﹑ 依照规则.
eg: We adhere to the principles of equal rights and freedom of expression for all.

18.privilege / ˈprɪvəlɪdʒ / C rights and advantages possessed by the rich and powerful people in a society (有钱有势者的)特权
eg: They fought against privilege in order to create a fairer society.
eg: He had no special privileges and was treated just like every other prisoner

19.reserve/ rɪˈzɜːv /
①v ~ sth (for sb/sth) put aside or keep sth for a later occasion or special use 保留储备eg: Reserve your strength for the climb. 留点力气准备攀登吧.
eg: These seats are reserved for special guests. 这些座位是留给贵宾的.
②v book reserve sth for sb/sth 预订预留
 eg: I'd like to reserve a table for two.
 eg: Do you have to reserve tickets in advance?

20.icon / ˈaɪkɔn / someone famous who is admired by many people, an idol 圣象、偶像
idol: person or thing that is greatly loved or admired 偶像

21.aspirational /ˌæspɪˈreɪʃənəl/ Having a strong desire to have or achieve something有野心的、有抱负的 ambitious

22.odds/ ɔdz / n [pl] probability or chance 可能性(注意该单词是复数词尾s不能少)
how likely it is that something will or will not happen
eg: The odds are (=it is likely) that he will commit the same crime again

23.work twice as hard加倍努力。On top of that最重要的是:most importantly

24.disparity/ dɪˈspærət / [U, C] difference or inequality 不同; 差异
disparity in/between
eg: disparity in age, rank, income, status, etc 年龄﹑ 级别﹑ 收入﹑ 地位等方面的差距
eg: We are still seeing a disparity between the rates of pay for men and women.工资差异

25.lampoon / læmˈpuːn/to criticize someone or something in a humorous way that makes them seem stupid讽刺、嘲笑、嘲讽
 eg:The Prime Minister was frequently lampooned in political cartoons.用卡通画进行嘲讽

26.inhabit/ ɪnˈhæbɪt / v [Tn] live in (sth); occupy 居住、栖息、占据
if animals or people inhabit an area or place, they live there
  eg:The woods are inhabited by many wild animals.很多野生动物栖息在这个树林
eg:an island inhabited only by birds 只有鸟类栖息的岛.

27.bestow / bɪˈstəu/
formal to give someone something of great value or importance赠与; 授与
bestow sth on/upon sb
 eg:an honour bestowed on her by the king 国王赐与她的荣誉.

to shout 'boo' to show that you do not like a person, performance, idea etc 嘘声、喝倒彩
  eg:Some of the audience started booing.
  eg: She was booed off stage (=they shouted 'boo' until she left the stage)
eg:The Prime Minister's speech was greeted with boos and jeers. 首相的演讲遭喝倒彩.
(idm 习语) not say boo to a goose:be very shy or too timid or gentle 非常胆小或温顺 eg:He's such a nervous chap he wouldn't/couldn't say boo to a goose.他很怯懦,胆小如鼠.

29.inherent sexism内在的固有的性别歧视:existing sexism
inherent / ɪnˈhɪərənt/ adj ~ (in sb/sth)
existing as a natural or permanent feature or quality of sb/sth 内在的; 固有的; 本来的:
eg:an inherent distrust of foreigners 天生对外国人的不信任
eg:an inherent weakness in a design 设计本身存在的弱点

30.ingrained sexism根深蒂固的性别歧视
ingrained / ɪnˈgreɪnd / adj
(of habits, tendencies, etc) deeply fixed(指习惯﹑ 习性等)根深蒂固的:
eg:ingrained prejudices agaist根深蒂固的偏见

Word family

  1. identify
    identity/identification识别;身份证明 ---identify---identifiable可识别的
    eg: Can you identify your umbrella among this lot? 能在这些伞中认出你自己的那一把吗?
    eg: The identification of the accident victims took some time.验明遇难者身份花不少时间. eg: Can I see some identification, please? 请给我看看你的身分证件行吗?
  2. accessible
    access/accessibility—access---accessible可接近可使用的 (inaccessible)
    accessibility /əkˌsesəˈbɪlɪti/ n [U] 可接近
    access right to use sth or approach sb 有权利接近使用
    eg: Students must have access to a good library. 学生要有使用好图书馆的便利条件.
    eg: Only high officials had access to the president. 只有高级官员才可以接近总统.
    eg: My ex-husband has access to the children once a week.前夫有权一周看一次孩子
    eg: a beach accessible only from the sea 只能从海上到达的沙滩
    eg: documents not accessible to the public 公众无法接触到的文件
  3. conceivable
    conception:idea, plan 构想设想
    eg: The new play is a brilliant conception. 这出新剧构想真了不起.
    conceivable /kənˈsiːvəbəl/ adj able to be believed or imagined 可设想、可想象的
    eg: We were discussing the problems from every conceivable angle 从每个可想的角度
    eg: It is conceivable that you may get full compensation 可设想一下可得到全额赔偿
  4. discriminate
    discrimination—discriminate歧视、区分—discriminatory 歧视的;有差别的
    ①treat (one person or group) worse/better than others 歧视[偏袒](某人或某些人): eg: Society still discriminates against women/in favour of men.
    ②make a difference (between two things) 分别, 辨别, 区分(两事物):
    eg: The law discriminates between accidental and intentional killing.
    eg: discriminatory measures, policies, actions, tariffs
    不公平的措施﹑ 厚此薄彼的政策﹑ 歧视性的行为﹑ 差别关税.
  5. coordinate
    coordination between central and local government (work together well)
    cause (different parts, etc) to function together efficiently 使(各部分等)协调, 协作:
    eg: co-ordinate one's movements when swimming 游泳时协调动作
    eg:We must co-ordinate our efforts (ie work together) to help the flood victims.
  6. baffle
    puzzle,confuse 使(某人)困惑
    eg:One of the exam questions baffled me completely. 有一道试题把我完全难住了. * eg:Police are baffled as to the identity of the killer. 警方不解凶手是谁.
  7. in the event of =if sth happens 倘若、如果、当…事件发生时
    eg: in the event of his death, Lily will inherit the money.倘若他死了,Lily会继承钱财。
  8. plunge / plʌndʒ/:
    ①to move, fall, or be thrown suddenly forwards or downwards
    eg: They plunged in, ie dived intothe water. 他们跳进了水中.
    ②if a price, rate etc plunges, it suddenly decreases by a large amount 下跌、下滑 eg:The unemployment rate plunged sharply. 失业率急剧下滑
  9. backlash/ˈbæklæʃ/ n [C] a strong negative reaction by a number of people against recent events, especially against political or social developments 激烈的反应
    eg: The 1970s saw the first backlash against the women's movement.
    eg: The management fear a backlash from angry fans over the team's recent poor performances.
  10. apparel / əˈpærəl; əˋpærəl/ n [U] (dated or fml 旧或文) clothing; dress 衣服; 服装:
    eg: lords and ladies in rich apparel 服饰华丽的王公贵妇.
    eg:apparel company 服装公司
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